“I got pregnant again the week after my last appointment with you in April and our beautiful daughter was born in January. She is perfect and we are all so happy. Thanks for your help in completing our family.”

Lydia - Belmont, MA

“After I left the appointment yesterday, I went for a walk and I kept having mild contractions every 20 minutes that started to get closer and more intense as the afternoon went on. I got in the bathtub around 6:30pm and labored there until we left to go to the hospital at 7:45pm, we got there at 8pm and I was 10cm dilated and ready to push! Lilia Sophie was in my arms at 8:26pm. We were there for only 26 minutes. She was in posterior position, otherwise she would have probably been born in the car! Needless to say, it was completely intervention free. It was a wonderful, quick labor and we are doing great. Thank you so very much for your support, your treatments and your kind words of advice! I truly believe that you helped me so much in achieving this amazing labor, despite the baby not being in ideal position!”

Vivian - Medford, MA

“Thank you for helping me (body and spirit) during my journey to bring Evelyn into our family.  We will forever be grateful for your compassion and dedication.  You are amazing!”

Michele - Somerville, MA

“My acupuncture sessions with Angela were so relaxing and healing. I hadn’t gotten my period naturally in 3 years. Today I have normal cycles, feel like myself again, and just gave birth to a healthy boy after a quick and easy labor.”

Maxine - Somerville, MA

“I had an ultrasound yesterday and the baby has turned!!! I’m so excited. I didn’t notice it happening so I guess it occurred during the night. ”

Vivian - Medford, MA

“I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me the last couple of years. You are AMAZING at what you do: so knowledgeable, caring and supportive and I don’t know how I would have gotten through fertility treatments, pregnancy and my postpartum issues without you! ”

Michelle - Arlington, MA

“Just wanted to report that we went in for the version this morning and the baby had already flipped to head down. Thank you!! So happy everything worked.”

Rebecca - Arlington, MA

“I think the needles must have done the trick because I started labor about 12 hours after leaving your office! Currently holding a beautiful, 6-day-old little boy.”

Alison - Sommerville, MA

“I tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year and a half.  We were on the brink of considering fertility treatments (hormones) but decided to give acupuncture a try first.  I became pregnant within a couple of months.”

Tracy - Boston, MA

“All of your suggestions of exercises paired with some acupuncture truly paid off! Although our baby moved to the transverse position at week 38, at week 39 she successfully moved back in to place! We were beyond surprised and excited that we didn’t have to go for the version when I went into my 39 week apt. Thank you for everything!  You helped give the natural labor and delivery that I thoroughly enjoyed back! Without your support, we would have gone for the version with the suggested induction or c-section to follow.  Instead our baby, naturally joined us on her due date – December 14, 2017. I still can’t believe we were able to move such a big baby (9lbs 3ozs) back in place so late in the pregnancy!  Thank you again for everything! ”

Katelyn - Raynham, MA

“We cannot thank you enough for the gift you have given us.”

Jamie - Cambridge, MA

“You’re awesome, Angela.  I am always recommending your practice to women planning a pregnancy or struggling to conceive.”

Nerissa - Lynn, MA

“My overall reproductive health improved and I now have a beautiful baby!”

Kristin - Watertown, MA

“I feel acupuncture helped with our successful IVF cycle as well as throughout my pregnancy.”

Hannah - Cambridge, MA

“Angela is a true healer and I am so thankful for her support and therapeutic abilities.  With her help, I was able to flip my baby and have the vaginal birth I hoped for.”

Julia - Boston, MA

“I really believe the acupuncture helped IVF to be successful.”

Pradnya - Newton, MA

“I got pregnant!”

Abby - Cambridge, MA

“Excellent treatment & tremendous support. I felt fully understood & respected.”

Lauren - Stow, MA

“Angela Bell is by far the most thorough and caring acupuncturist I have been seen by and really puts time and effort into what she does. I recommend Angela to anyone seeking a fully knowledgeable and skilled alternative healthcare practitioner.”

Jordan — Lincoln, MA

“I had been experiencing pain in my right arm for about a year when Angela Bell suggested I try acupuncture.  The pain would come and go and seemed to be worse if I overused it lifting heavy things.  I often had trouble sleeping due to the pain.  After my first acupuncture session, the pain decreased significantly.  After the second session, the pain has gone away completely.  I have been strength training with weights and lifting a 3 1/2 year old grandson and have not experienced any pain or discomfort for well over a year.  I am now a true believer in acupuncture and I highly recommend Angela.”

Marie — Falmouth, ME

“I have had severe menstrual cramps my entire adult life, experiencing debilitating pain, headaches, and fatigue every month. Angie made me feel immediately at ease; it was the first time in my life that I felt truly listened to by a medical practitioner. After only one treatment, my cramps had eased significantly and I have been a fervent believer in acupuncture ever since. I came to her in pain and left feeling relaxed, refreshed, and in control of my health.”

Hadas — Cambridge, MA

“Angela Bell has helped me tremendously with my chronic stomach issues. She is a patient, caring and gentle care giver whose acupuncture and advice on diet have really made a difference.”

Paul — Jamaica Plain, MA

“I can’t thank you enough for all your expertise and care in the past few weeks.  I think this labor went so well because of all the work you did!”

Erin — South Boston, MA

“When I found my way to Angie’s office, I had been suffering for ten months with stabbing left heel pain from plantar facsiitis. I had stopped running, and in fact almost every step I took just while walking was very painful. During my first appointment, after carefully listening to all I had to say about the bigger picture of my general health, Angie’s acupuncture treatment left me 75% better. After my second treatment, my pain was gone! After several months, I’m still pain-free. I’m back to my former exercise level, and I’m even able to train for an upcoming race up the steps of the Empire State Building, an event I never would have been able to participate in without such excellent and caring treatment by Angie!”

Melissa — Brookline, MA

“I was able to relax a little more even though my schedule remained hectic.  Following your dietary advice I felt more energetic, less bloated, better able to fall asleep.  Oh, and I became pregnant!!!”

Sarah — Arlington, MA

“I work in an office and I’ve had chronic pain in my back for years. Angie treated me with a combination of acupuncture, exercises and changes to my work space.  As a result, my back pain is virtually gone.”

Eric — Somerville, MA

“Thank you so much for everything!  I am so glad that I found the courage to start acupuncture.  We have a wonderful baby girl thanks to your help!”

Erin — Cambridge, MA

“Following the birth of my baby, I received acupuncture to treat post delivery hemorrhoids and constipation. After each treatment, I felt an immediate improvement – not only in the symptoms already mentioned – but also I had more energy and felt less stress. Important stuff with a new baby to take care of!  I highly recommend Angie as a professional and personable acupuncturist. I believe all new moms could benefit from her services.”

Jane — Roslindale, MA

“One of Angela’s clients highly recommended her to me and I can see why since Angela is an exceptional acupuncturist! She is knowledgeable about her field and made me feel very comfortable by establishing an excellent rapport.”

Christine — Concord, MA

“I am a dental hygienist and have referred many patients and friends with different needs to Angela. I am so confident in Angela’s abilities, and her friendly, kind and compassionate ways!! What a difference from my previous acupuncture therapy!!”

Anne Marie — Charlestown, MA

“Angela’s very kind and gentle soul along with her knowledge and soft touch set her apart. She took the time to get to know me and my specific needs during and after my pregnancy. After a treatment I always leave her office feeling well cared for.”

Kristin — South Boston, MA

“Angela is amazing at what she does and takes the time to help each patient out individually.”

Andrea — Lowell, MA

“My pain was gone! And I had no problems with my back/leg during labor. The treatments were also very relaxing and were just what I needed in terms of stress-management and general self-care right before going into labor.”

Katarina — Cambridge, MA

“Acupuncture treatments clearly helped during all the parts of my fertility journey, but the best part of the experience was Angie. She is a wealth of wisdom and is very responsive to her client’s needs.”

Carie Lyn— Natick, MA

“You are amazing and a gift to women going through fertility treatments. You are such a kind, caring, compassionate person who always goes above and beyond. Thank you with all my heart. ”

Sarah - Somerville, MA

“It was one of the very few times during my pregnancy when I had a chance to relax and actually consider what was happening. It helped me find a good emotional space to prepare for childbirth. On a very practical level in addition to helping with induction, acupuncture reduced the pain and swelling in my ankle from a previous injury.”

Dia — Somerville, MA

“My treatments with you were a wonderful experience! Not only were your treatments effective, but your approach, listening and support methods were just what I needed – relaxing, calm, gentle and understanding. ”

Elizabeth — Boston, MA

“I can’t recommend Angie enough – she is knowledgeable, efficient, warm and kind. She is a true empath and healer! Absolutely will go back! ”

Molly — Cambridge, MA

“Angie is very thoughtful and takes the time to listen to clients individual and unique concerns. I went to her several days overdue as my care provider was discussing a medical induction. Two days after two treatments I went into labor. ”

Maria — Somerville, MA

“Angela’s knowledge of the human body and acupuncture helped my body be able to have a very successful and healthy twin pregnancy. ”

Maureen — Watertown, MA

“My water broke on its own less than 24 hours after my appointment and my son was born another 24 hours later. It was a VBAC. ”

Julie — Arlington, MA

“You have supported us from the start and always went above and beyond! We can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and your commitment! We will be forever grateful! ”

Barbara — Burlington, MA

“Angie was a big part of my pregnancy prep and well-being during. At 40 years young my body needed a little support and I received exactly what I was looking for – a beautiful healthy boy! ”

Sarah — Arlington, MA

“I really enjoyed our year long journey together. From trying to conceive, to early pregnancy to pre-labor support. Your calm demeanor always helped me relax and focus. Thank you for all your help from the bottom of my heart. ”

Catherine — Newton, MA

“I really think the treatments were essential to my physical and mental well-being during the pregnancy (and my baby’s!) I had very little in terms of pregnancy ailments and complaints; in fact I felt better than I ever have and I have acupuncture and working with Angela to thank for that! ”

Sarah — Somerville, MA

“Angela is not only a knowledgeable and skilled acupuncturist but also a wonderful and caring person. She was always very attentive and thoughtful when I expressed concerns during our sessions. ”

Janet — Somerville, MA

“Angela Bell is truly gifted at what she does. She is at once utterly professional and also empathetic and kind. She is immensely knowledgeable about all things related to fertility, including issues related to LGBT conceptions. I loved my appointments with her. ”

Sari — Cambridge, MA

“I highly recommend Angela as she is an expert in women’s health and acupuncture. I believe her treatment and suggested accupressure points helped me go into labor naturally and avoid interventions. ”

Jess — Charlestown, MA

“Please visit Angela Bell to receive acupuncture treatments! She is a true health are professional, with exceptional bed side manners and uses a variety of techniques to help with labor and birth. It was a real pleasure to work with Angela! ”

Frima - Swampscott, MA

“You were such a huge part of my support network when getting pregnant with my twins and I will always be thankful. ”

Mary - Medford, MA