What to expect

What you can expect at your first acupuncture appointment

During your initial appointment, I listen intently and ask detailed questions to help determine your core diagnosis. Then, it’s time for the best part, your treatment!
During the treatment I check in with you to make sure you are comfortable. Once the needles are in, it’s nap-time and you get 30 luxurious minutes (or more) to relax completely and let the needles do their magic.
At your follow-up treatment, I explain your TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnosis and review your individualized health treatment plan.  These plans are designed with special care to help you reach your health goals in the best possible way.  They always involve you in the process and may include dietary recommendation, lifestyle changes, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Western Medical Pharmaceuticals (supplements) and of course, acupuncture.

How many sessions will you need

This is not always an easy question to answer.  It’s important to remember that, in the same way it takes time for disease to develop, it also takes time for our bodies to heal.  The number of treatments you need will vary greatly depending on your complaint.
I can give you a much clearer answer to this question once you’ve had your initial exam and I familiarize myself with your specific needs.