Preparing for Labor

Birth Preparation and Encouraging Onset of Labor

Acupuncture has received lots of attention over the years for it’s success in supporting and promoting the natrual onset of labor.  It’s an amazing way for women to support themselves in those last few weeks of pregnancy.  Honestly, labor preparation treatments are one of my very favorite parts of my job!  What many women don’t know is that receiving regular acupuncture treatment in the weeks leading up do delivery, carries with it a whole host of benefits that go far beyond encouraging labor.  Here are a few:

    • Increase likelihood for optimal fetal position – leads to shorter active labors and decreases chances of interventions such as medically induced labors and/or Cesarian sections
    • Increase cervical ripening – read the study here
    • Reduce chances of intervention such as medically inducing labor and/or Cesarian sections
    • Increases and helps maintain energy levels during labor
    • Reduces stress, anxiety and fear leading up to and during labor
    • Reduces risk of elevated blood pressure

Want to learn more about what labor preparation teatments entail?  Watch the video below where I explain exactly what I focus on during treatments to best prepare you for a healthy birth.

I encourage women in the weeks leading up to your due date to come in for a short series of treatments. Our goals will always be to prepare your body for labor to increase chances of labor beginning spontaneously and naturally as well as decrease the need for interventions.

If you are approaching 39+ weeks, your water has broken but you are not experiencing contractions or your healthcare providers are anxious to get things moving in the next few days, I also provide individual treatments to encourage the natural onset of labor and/or better prepare you for a medical induction.