Acupuncture can help you get pregnant!

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Mar 19

Have you wondered if acupuncture can help you get pregnant?

Well, there are more and more research studies saying it can.  The only problem is, neither patients nor the OB/GYN’s or RE’s seem to know how?

Here’s what Acupuncturists and Chinese Herbalists can use Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to (American Society for Reproductive Medicine):

  • Improve ovarian response – better egg production
  • Increase ovarian and uterine blood flow – better ovarian response
  • Help prepare the uterine lining – increase implantation rights
  • Improve sperm count, motility & morphology
  • Lessen the side effects of hormone treatments
  • Regulate hormones of the hypothalamus, pituitary and gonads
  • Decrease uterine contractility during implantation
  • Resolve stress to promote relaxation
  • Reduce the incidence of miscarriage

It’s important to remember the overall approach in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is radically different than that of Western Medicine.  With great detail, Acupuncturists and Chinese Herbalists evaluate each patients overall health including such things as: sleep patterns, digestive health, emotional tendoncies, menstrual cycle, energy levels and much more.  After taking the information gathered in the initial intake, along with diagnostic clues fround by taking the pulse, and evaluating the tongue, a core diagnosis is made.  It’s on this diagnosis, that treatment protocols and point perscriptions (which acupuncture points are needled) are based.  Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on each patients specific diagnosis.  The problem leading to a core diagnosis cause dysfunction in meridians and organ systems which in turn lead to the types of issues in the above list.

It is this holistic approach which first attracted me to acupuncture and continues to help the couples in my practice get pregnant!

Wanna know more?  Check out the short presentation below to learn more about how acupuncture works.


Demystifying Acupuncture from Angela Bell Acupuncture