How can you get pregnant? Track Cervical Mucus to Recognize Ovulation

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Jan 29

Have you been trying to figure out how you can get pregnant?

Well, it’s all about looking for the signs of ovulation and  getting the timing right!  The more accurately you can predict when you are ovulating, the better your chances are of getting pregnant.  The thing is, predicting ovulation isn’t always easy.  I recommend tracking your cervical mucus to help pinpoint the day you ovulate.

Tracking your cervical mucus is an excellent way to predict and track ovulation in order in increase chances of conception. In just a few minutes a day you can gather a huge amount of information about your body and your menstrual cycle. When monitoring cervical mucus you need to understand a few basic facts.

First, a female egg can only live for 24 hours (48 hrs maximum) once it is released.

Male sperm on the other hand, can live between 2 and 5 days.

Finally, most women have three days of optimal cervical mucus and usually ovulate on the third day.

That means on the third day of cervical mucus you are probably ovulating. Those three days of optimal cervical mucus are your most fertile days and the days where you have the highest chances of getting pregnant.  Therefore, you are more likely of getting pregnant if intercourse occurs during the 2 days before and/or the day of ovulation.

Throughout the menstrual cycle, the quality of cervical mucus changes dramatically. During your most fertile days, cervical mucus is clear in color, slippery, stretchy and similar to the consistency of raw egg whites. Cervical mucus protects sperm from the normally acidic environment of the vagina and helps ease the trip through the vagina and past the cervix. Ovulation typically takes place on the third day of optimal cervical mucus. Because eggs only survive for 24 hours after ovulation, the wet, slippery quality of cervical is no longer necessary and quickly dries up. It’s important to note that Day One of the cycle is always the first day of bleeding.

Many women will notice additional moisture or a slippery sensation when wiping around mid-cycle.  This is probably optimal cervical mucus.  Not everyone however, can tell just from wiping and may need to check internally.  If this is the case, begin by choosing a time of day to evaluate the quality of your cervical mucus. It’s best to check at or around the same time each day and in the same position. Place two fingers into the vagina and touch your cervix to collect a sample of the cervical mucus. Doing this each day of your cycle will allow you to identify changes in consistency which will greatly increase your chances of detecting optimal fertile cervical mucus.  Again, learning how to identify cervical mucus helps you time intercourse on and around ovulation.  And of course, this helps increase your chances of getting pregnant!

Women who check cervical signs regularly can detect ovulation more accurately and tend to feel more informed and in control of their fertility.  The bottom line is, if you want to get pregnant, figure out when you are ovulating!

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