Improving Male Fertility Naturally – Why it’s so important when trying to get pregnant

Improving Male Fertility Naturally – Why it’s so important when trying to get pregnant hover background

Feb 07

Why is it important to pay attention to Male Fertility?  Because it improves your chances of getting pregnant, having healthy pregnancies and healthy babies!

Because sperm counts are in decline.  Because, Artificial Reproductive Technologies are expensive, time consuming and emotionally trying.  Because enhancing male fertility is just as important on enhancing female fertility. And because couples want healthy pregnancies, healthy labors and most of all, healthy babies.  When couples are trying to get pregnant, most of the focus is placed on the woman, but it is also important to examine the health of the male partner.  Check out what studies are showing about declining sperm counts.

A 1992 study in the British Medical Journal found that “men in Western countries today have less than half the sperm production their grandfathers had at the same age. The report examined 61 separate studies of sperm count in men in many countries, including the U.S., and concluded that there has been a 42% decrease in average sperm count, from 113 million per milliliter (ml) to 66 million per ml, since 1940. (There are 4.5 milliliters in a teaspoon).”

The New England Journal of Medicine reported in 1995 that “not only had sperm count declined 33% during the past 20 years among fertile, healthy men in Paris, France, but also that, during the same period, the proportion of motile sperm (sperm able to swim) declined at the rate of 0.6% per year, and the proportion of normally shaped sperm (compared to misshapen sperm) declined at the rate of 0.5% per year.”
In 1999 the journal BioEssays published a major report by University of Missouri epidemiologist Shanna Swan that “found the dramatic decline of average sperm density in the U.S. and Western Europe to be even greater than previously estimated.  In a meta-review of data from more than 60 studies, Swan found that average sperm counts among healthy American men dropped from 120 million sperm per milliliter of semen in 1938 to just over 50 million in 1988.”

But, can male fertility be improved naturally?

With acupuncture, lifestyle changes and supplementation, we can improve total sperm count, motility and morphology.  And with improved quality of sperm, couples have higher rates of conception, healthier pregnancies and healthier babies!

Here are some case study reports on Acupuncture for Male Infertility from China:
(Note: fertility labs in China consider a total sperm count of less than 110 million/ejaculation to be abnormal.  The World Health Organization considers 39 million/ejaculation low)

In a group of 160 patients, all have over a year history of infertility due to sperm deficiency.   Tests showed that their sperm count was less than 60 million, motility less than 60%.  After acupuncture treatments for infertility, 125 patients considered cured, with a sperm count of over 60 million and motility over 60%.  In 33 cases there was marked improvement with an increase in sperm count and motility.  In 2 cases there was no change.  All in the first group were considered cured.   74 women are pregnant. ~Journal of Chinese Acupuncture 1984
One male 25 years old, married for 4 years with no child.  Sperm analysis showed that there were 800,000/ml, motility 40%.  He received acupuncture, after 2 weeks tests showed that his sperm count has increased to 84 million /ml.  Four months later his wife was pregnant. ~Oriental Medicine in Fu Jian Province 1986
There were 248 patients who have male infertility.  After acupuncture treatments for infertility, 89 were cured, 77 made major improvement and 85 cases no change.  ~Journal of Chinese Acupuncture 1987.
In a study of 45 patients, After acupuncture treatments for infertility, 22 were cured, 13 improved, minor improvement in 6 cases, and 4 cases no change. ~Journal of Chinese Medicine in Tin Jing 1988
145 of male infertility received acupuncture.  96 cases improved with a sperm count of 70 million/ml with motility greater than 60%, amorphous of less than 15%.  35 made improvement and 14 patients had no change. ~ Journal of New Chinese Medicine 1988

Not only do I believe that acupuncture and lifestyle changes can enhance male fertility and increase sperm counts, I know it can because I’ve seen the proof!  If you are trying to get pregnant, please remember that improving male fertility will increase your chances of conceiving.