Stop drinking coffee, soda & alcohol to help get ready for conception

Stop drinking coffee, soda & alcohol to help get ready for conception hover background

Mar 19

One of the biggest steps toward improving your health and preparing for conception is to stop drinking coffee, soda & alcohol.

I know this kinda sucks, but when I say stop drinking coffee, soda and alcohol, I mean completely stop, as in zip, zero, zilch.  That doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant if you continue to have some coffee, soda or alcohol, but it does mean that eliminating these drinks helps optimize your health and maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

You really want to plan on being off coffee, soda and alcohol starting three months before trying to conceive until you stop breast feeding.  In my opinion, this number one thing you can do to improve your chances of getting pregnant.  The cool part is that it’s totally within your control and it’s totally free!  So, make a pact with your partner, get rid of all the offending drinks and get started.

Caffeine – increases loss of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron & Zinc .  It also stresses the adrenal glands which can trigger a release of cortisol.  High levels of cortisol in the blood can inhibiting GnRH, suppressing ovulation and lowering sperm counts.

Soda – spikes in blood sugar creates systemic inflammation and releases cortisol and adrenalin which can lead to weakness of the adrenal glands.  Artificial sugars are even more dangerous and have been shown to reduce fertility in both men and women.  Asparatame has been shown to cause accumulative DNA damage which of course would negatively impact both sperm and ova.

Alcohol -The liver is responsible for breaking down hormones.  If this process is made in-efficient by a sluggish (overtaxed) liver, hormones such as estrogen and testosterone can linger in the blood.  Healthy fertility absolutely requires hormonal balance.  Hormones that cannot be excreted properly from the body disrupt the delicate communication processes the body relies on throughout the menstrual cycle and during conception.

Now, it’s important to remember that getting rid of caffeine, alcohol or sugar (or artificial sugar) can leave you with some withdrawal symptoms.  The trick to easing withdrawal is to ween!  I highly recommend substituting with green tea.  It contains just enough caffeine to help ward off a caffeine headache and it’s fantastic for reducing inflammation.

So, give it a whirl and let me know how you do!