Why I think BBT Charts are super cool

Why I think BBT Charts are super cool hover background

Oct 04

When I first heard about charting I thought it was a terrible idea. I couldn’t understand why in the world I would bother taking my temperature every day when I could just use an ovulation predictor kit.

But then I realized, OPK’s don’t work so well for me. I peed on that little stick day in and day out but got nothing!

Begrudgingly, I started charting.

Low and behold, it opened up a whole world of understanding for me about my body. And, I learned when I was ovulating. Amazing. I felt so much more in control.

So why do I think charting is super cool?

Because charting teaches us about our bodies.

Yes, it can tell you when and if you are ovulating, but it can also tell you so much more.

Turns out that headache you have twice a month is always in the week preceding your period.

That discharge you have periodically is cervical mucus and it’s actually a predictor of ovulation.

Have consistently low temps? That may be a sign that you have hypothyroid.

Or maybe you realize that you are ovulating 3 days earlier than you’d thought and your timing has been way off.

You may even discover that the app you’ve been using is predicting ovulation way too early…or too late!

Whatever it is that you unearth, it may make all the difference in trying to get pregnant.

For me, I found out that I was actually ovulating, thank heavens!

And, my low luteal phase temperatures prompted me to get my thyroid checked out and subsequently treated. Had I not recorded my daily temperatures it probably would have taken a lot longer for me to address my thyroid.

Hooray for charting!

If you want to learn how to chart, click here to download my quick guide and a super awesome BBT chart!

I want the chart!