There is so much good food abound in the summer! Yeah there’s fresh vegetables and garden greens but there’s also ice cream, vacations/lots of eating out and BBQ’s. I always fall off the wagon to some degree during the summer – especially with traveling.

By the time Fall comes around, I’m feeling it and need help getting back on track. To do that, I almost always end up doing a Whole30 in September and this year is no different.

Today I’m giving you my personal list of tips and resources for making it an Easy-peasy Whole30.


What I really wish I could do is a Whole30 plus a cleanse, but sadly I can not because I’m still breastfeeding.


If you’re interested boosting your results with a cleanse, simply reach out to us and make an appointment. We’ll get your cleanse products ordered immediately and walk you through the protocol.

It’s a simple yet powerful two-part, 27 day cleanse. Part I focuses on reducing systemic inflammation and part II focuses on metabolic cleansing which targets toxic overload, harmful bacteria, heavy metal toxicity and leaky gut.

Not sure if a cleanse is right for you?

Take this Symptom Questionnaire and find out

I recommend coming in for weekly acupuncture during either a Whole30 or a cleanse to keep all of your pathways of elimination open. While totally worth it, cleanses can be tough. Eliminating toxins that your body has purposefully been hiding away can stir up symptoms but acupuncture, skin brushing and some time in the sauna can make it a smooth healing process with amazing results.

Today is the perfect day to start.

If you’re in the Cambridge area and would like support with your Whole30, call us today to book your appointment 617-714-5333