So many women suffer needlessly with symptoms of menopause. Often times women put up with hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, irritability and insomnia for months or even years. Hot flashes are awful and they can happen as much as once an hour, leaving women soaked, embarrassed and now freezing. Night sweats are just as bad. They disrupt sleep, which is the last thing someone needs when dealing with the myriad of menopause symptoms, one of which is often insomnia!

Hot flashes and nights sweats are certainly not the only symptoms to be concerned about but in my experience, they are the easiest to treat. I see amazing results with acupuncture alone and most of the time it’s within the first 2 to 3 treatments. For tough cases I add two supporting supplements and one really cool modality.

    1. Herbs – Chinese Herbs are wonderful for treating hot flashes, night sweats and many of the accompanying menopause symptoms.  They are typically focused on treating what Chinese Medicine Practitioners call Kidney Yin Deficiency.  I use a herbal tincture line called Conceivable that was designed specifically to treat women’s health complaints.  They are in tincture form so they are easy to take but the best part is, they are wildly effective.
    2. MenoFem by Xymogen – This is a supplement with a unique formula integrating Native American, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbs.  It nourishes depletion and helps balance and stabilize hormones to ease the transition into menopause.  It’s my absolute favorite supplement for women suffering through the symptoms of menopause.
    3. Infrared Sauna – It may sound counter-intuitive to recommend a sauna for someone who is already too hot, but it’s an amazing tool for women suffering with symptoms of menopause.  Regular sauna use helps:
        • Decrease stress levels – which will in turn decrease frequency and intensity of hot flashes/night sweats, improve mental clarity and lift your mood.
        • Improve sleep – which literally improves everything else
        • Regulate your own internal thermometer.
        • Improve texture of your skin and bring out sine and vitality in your skin.
        • Help you lose weight – one sauna session can burn up to 600 calories, the same as a 30-minute brisk walk.
        • Boost your immune system – leading to fewer colds and flu.
        • Increase natural ability to detoxify – leaving you feeling more energized.

We have a beautiful top-of-the-line Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna right in our office!  Package pricing is availble.  Call today to make an appointment to try it out.  I know you’ll fall in love with it just like I did and just like many of my patients have!  Learn more by going to the Inner Bridges website.  Inner Bridges, with whom we share the office, is a boutique Physical Therapy business owned by my wife, Ellen Helinski.  Ellen and I are huge proponents of sauna therapy and have enjoyed using it ourselves for many years.

Listen to what a few of my past patients have said about acupuncture for easing menopause symptoms:

“Today, I’m four weeks free from hot flashes and night sweats and feel I have my life back.  Angie is a professional, experienced and very knowledgeable practitioner who understood more of what I was going through than I did. Besides, the “spa-like” experience is comfortable and relaxing!”

– Anne Marie, Arlington, MA

“I started seeing Angela Bell for hot flashes because my friend told me that Angela saved her life.  Well, she saved mine too! I was having 5-6, severe, long hot flashes during the day and 3-4 hot flashes at night. I was miserable.  Boiling hot, dripping sweat and chugging 8 oz. bottles of water in seconds.  After my first acupuncture session with Angela, I did not have ANY hot flashes that night and the next day my only hot flash was at 5:00 pm – it was short and I did not sweat.  I was hooked!  Seeing Angela once a week kept my hot flashes to a minimum. I am a believer and living proof that acupuncture improves the severity of hot flashes and many other ailments as well.”

– Virna, Burlington, MA

“I was experiencing hot flashes around the clock, causing me not to be able to sleep and making daily life miserable. Acupuncture completely ended all hot flashes for me and the suffering along with it.  I could not believe how great I felt, even after the first session.  It rejuvenated me.”

-Christine, Watertown, MA

If you or someone you know is struggling with menopause symptoms, please contact us to set up an appointment.  A few treatments and possibly some supporting supplements/suana sessions will help you feel like a new person!  You truly don’t have to suffer through this phase of your life.