Preparing for Pregnancy in the New Year!

Preparing for Pregnancy in the New Year! hover background

Jan 05

The months before you start trying to conceive are actually super important. Most of us don’t give these months much thought but if you plan wisely, you can increase your chances of conception and prepare your body so you can thrive during your pregnancy, all while providing your baby with the best possible opportunity for a healthy start. Pretty amazing when you really think about it.

Where to start

Where do you start? Well, food, of course! This time of year the Whole30 Diet is all anyone’s talking about and for good reason. It’s a fantastic way to decrease systemic inflammation, optimize digestion and open your key pathways of elimination, arguably the most important factors in hormone disruption (i.e. period problems).

I have a few recommendations to do alongside your Whole30 that will literally skyrocket the benefits.

    1. Don’t eat fruit – while the official guideline from the founders of the Whole30 protocol is to limit fruit intake to two servings a day, I recommend eliminating it completely or limiting it to frozen berries in a smoothie (as long as you add a protein powder and a form of fat).
    2. Let beets and pineapple do the work for you – Whenever my patients do a food elimination to cleanse the body, I recommend two supporting supplements, Beta-TCP and Bromelain Plus CLA.  When combined, these two supplements open pathways of elimination, ensure healthy/efficient digestion and reduce systemic inflammation.
        • Beta-TCP –  Contains a blend of digestive and antioxidant enzymes primarily made from organic beetroot.
        • Bromelain Plus CLA – Contains digestive and anti-inflammatory enzymes.  Bromelain is a proteolytic enzymes primarily taken from pineapple and papayas.
  1. Get acupuncture – You know I couldn’t leave this one off the list!  But it’s because it is so crucial in supporting your body through this detoxifying, reorganizing and healing process.  It brings all of the pieces together and truly catapults your healing.

I know that if you combine these three tips with your Whole30, you’ll be thrilled with the results.  You can expect more energy, better sleep, improved mood, more regular digestion and improved hormone regulation.

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