If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge believer in the power of BBT Charts and tracking your menstrual cycle.  In my post, BBT Charting & Tracking: A Window into your Menstrual Cycle, I explain everything we can learn from charting and tracking your menstrual cycle and how your findings impact your ability to get pregnant.  Today, I want to tell you what I do every day in my practice to help women improve their charts in order to optimize their chances of conceiving.

Though diet, western supplements, stress reduction and acupuncture all play an important role in balancing hormones, the fastest way to effect menstrual cycle change, is with the use of Chinese Herbal Medicine. Hands down. Of course, you can maximize the benefits of an herbal program with supportive diet, supplements, and acupuncture but without the herbs, you will not see as big of an improvement in your month to month BBT Charts and/or menstrual characteristics.

About the Herbs

I use a Chinese Herbal Medicine line called, Conceivable, that was developed by Kirsten Hurder-Karchmer MSOM, LAc, a master herbalist and acupuncturist with over 20 years of experience working in the field of infertility. She researched thousands of BBT Charts and discovered that specific menstrual parameters led to significantly higher rates of conception and live births. She calls the particular menstrual characteristics that optimize fertile potential, The Conceivable Cycle.

The Conceivable herbal line uses herbal tinctures for each of the three phases of your menstrual cycle, the bleeding phase, the follicular phase and the luteal phase, to rebalance ovarian hormones and stabilize your menstrual cycles.

Our goal with treating you in this way with herbs is to get you closer and closer to what we call “The Conceivable Cycle”.  Here’s what a Conceivable Cycle looks like:

Four days of full flow, bright red blood, no spotting, no clotting, no cramping, an average of 97.2° during the follicular phase and 98.2° during luteal phase with clear, slippery cervical mucus at cycle day 14, 28-day cycle and an obvious one-degree jump in temperature at ovulation.

How it works

Patients download a BBT Chart from my website and begin charting their daily basal body temperature. They bring the completed paper chart in with them each month at the re-evaluation appointment. The chart is imperative in making an effective herbal formula. Re-evaluation appointments are booked each month sometime between cycle day one and cycle day five.

At the end of each menstrual cycle, I analyze each BBT Chart and re-evaluate the herbal protocol. Patients receive a new set of herbs in preparation for each menstrual cycle.

As the characteristics of the menstrual chart change and improve, so too will the herbal formula. With the combination of acupuncture diet/lifestyle changes and herbs, we should see a 20{5e9161510a63d0e81b6e39b3b0936ef7132c5313ee31550947eb118cab1b2bde} improvement in the menstrual cycle characteristics each month, always with the goal of optimizing fertile potential step by step.

I made a quick video outlining how and why we use BBT Charting and Menstrual Tracking to evaluate and monitor your cycles and then how we make improvements when there are imbalances.

I know, with the right protocol, designed specifically for your needs, we can improve your hormonal health and get you closer to a Conceivable Cycle.  Please email me with questions or call today to make an appointment, 617-714-5333.