Relieving Menstrual Pain in Three Easy Steps

Relieving Menstrual Pain in Three Easy Steps hover background

Nov 02

I see so many women suffering with monthly menstrual cramps and PMS.  For some PMS signs and cramping begin in the days prior to the start of menstruation but for others suffering begins the week of ovulation.  This means than many are dealing with pain and PMS for almost half of each month!  Luckily, there are steps you can take to dramatically reduce and even rid yourself completely of menstrual pain and PMS.

The most powerful way to affect your health and the state of your menstrual cycle is through your diet.  The top three foods that cause painful periods and intensify PMS symptoms are sugar, alcohol and caffeine.  If you can eliminate sugar, alcohol and caffeine from your diet for three months, I promise, you will notice a dramatic change in your cycles.  Though this sounds simple, it is often very difficult for people to make such significant changes in their diet.  But it is well worth it!

Most women deal with menstrual pain by taking over the counter pain medications like Advil and other NSAIDS (Non-steroidl anti-inflammtory drug).  In small amounts, NSAIDS can be useful way to manage pain, but it is important to mention that high levels of NSAIDS can lead to damage to the stomach and intestines and can even cause ulcers.  Other women are prescribed birth control as a means of managing pain and/or PMS.  I am not necessarily against birth control and pain medications when necessary but I want women to be empowered and take their health into their own hands.  Although some suffer from severe symptoms and truly do require the assistance of medications, most woman can radically change the way they feel just by eliminating sugar, alcohol and caffeine.  Isn’t it worth the sacrifice?

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